Sunday, July 22, 2007

YAY Hair Cuts!

June 6, 2007

Soo the exciting news this week! I got a hair cut! ok just kidding thereare cooler things than that but it was pretty nice having nasty longhair when its freaking hot is NOT fun. Ok now for my stupidity...I wrotedown a bunch of stuff to tell you about like packages and and some otherrandom stuff and TOTALLY forgot my planner so I dont have it with me butI'll send it next week...its just about the best and safest way to sendthings and some other instructions from pres but anyway. one thing I didremember is I wanted to ask if we have a Justin Giovanni Favero in ourfam...because if we do then he was just here before I got here haha so Iwas currious. but alright now for this week (if I can remember it all)So Thurs Fri we met with Christina both days just to keep her strong andwe also spent alot of time setting things up for the baptism (programmusic talks etc) so they were hectic days but not really all thatproductive as far as real missionary work. We did meet with Michael (Ithink I have spelled their names different in every letter I've sent)and natasha on friday and we didnt even ask them if they wanted to cometo the baptism but when we mentioned that Christina was getting baptisedthey were like "can we come" so that was pretty cool. We still cant getthem to come to church tho :-/ but anyway so saturday was way good.Pres came down and was there for the baptism and gave a really good talk(translated by Costic [coast-eek]) about the great and difficult thingsthat are still ahead of her. So then we had the baptism which didnt haveany problems (suprising considering brat eyoseph (joseph) didn't fillthe font very high) and my comp came back in and showed off his pianoskills. after that we had a really good testimony meeting and bratShmatov talked about what miricles have happened to bring christina intothe church and at the very end christina got up (which was suprisingcause she told us there was no way she would get up and bear hertestimony) but she did and she just talked about how she knew thischurch was true and how she knew she had made the right decission so itwas really cool to hear that from her. So she managed to convincepresident he should come so he could confirm her (even tho he wasplanning on going to XTZ, 45 mins away) So pres came back sunday andgave her a really amazing confirmation but re-itterated (ok just btw Ireally am getting worse at spelling and grammer so....just leave mealone haha!) that it would be a very difficult path ahead for her.So we walked her home after church and had a discussion on the move Iguess you could say.So monday we went out to find an inactive 13 year old (ellya Gardyshka)who lives clear the crap out in bervaria (took us over an hour to get toher address) and then there was nobody at that address so we're like ohgreat what a waste of a day. But there was a really pretty forest rightat the end of the road so we went exploring for like 15 mins and cameback. So when we start heading back to the road there is this group oflike younger kids and we asked if any of them knew Ellya and this cutesweet girl just says "etta ya" which is just like "its me" and she knewwho we were and seemed really happy to see us again so we asked herabout her baptism and asked if she'd come to church she said she wasgunna try and go with her sister who is really active (I REALLY hope shedoes, teenagers need the church here more than anywhere else I know) sothat was really exciting for us!but then tuse morning we met with Christina and she told us that she hadfinally told her family about her decission (shes 26 so she didnttechinically need their approval) and her family had not reactedwell...she asked her mom why she had supported her through all of it upto that point and her mom told her it was just because she never thoughtshe would actually go through with it and get baptised. Her mom alsotold her if she went to church again she had no reason to come homeafter. We're hoping its an empty threat cause theres no way she couldafford to live anywhere else and she'd be out on the we'llsee what happens (see president was right). but anyway...that was myweek. Nothing too amazing ;-) just a baptism hee hee. (prolly one oflike 2 that I'll have my whole mission haha) but yea thats about my lifehere.Sorry to hear about your busted Network at home mom (I would TOTALLY fixit if I was there!) I hope you can find a way to write next week. thanksfor all the letters from every one else too...pres delivered our letters(regular mail) this week. So I got one from dad one from kels one fromkev two from lauren and one from corinn so if you sent more letters(regular or dearelder) I havent gotten them yet, be patient. But yeathats about it. I'll write next week.Ct Ctat.

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