Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cool News (7/4/07)

July 4, 2007

Ok so first off I hope all my family is having way to much fun at steves wedding and I am super jealous I cant be there :-( but some cool things are happening here and I need to write about them so here we go.first off is something I forgot to write about last week and its pretty much the coolest news ever so...yea I was just really distracted last week. But the news is THEY STARTED THE KIEV TEMPLE!!! The original announcement was in 1998 but both because we were having government problems and the fact that there werent alot of memebers here they hadn't started it until last week (two saturdays ago to be exact) they only had 110 people at the ground breaking just to keep it low profile and they only told those people (110 of them) that it was even going to happen. but yea it should be done in 3-5 years and then the Ukrainians from my mission wont have to take a FIFTY HOUR BUS RIDE through 3 countries just to get to the temple so that will be amazing!So my other really exciting news that just happened this week (on thurs) is we have another Investigator on date!!! her name is Natasha (yes we teach 4 people named natasha)and she'll be baptised July 14th. She lives with a memeber of the church and is about 60ish, she's had no problem accepting what we taught and seeing as she lives with a member she has been following the commandments for the last year by default. So that should be REALLY exciting. Ok so the last really exciting thing as far as missionary work goes is we had 3 investigators to Sacrement meeting this week which was a first. We had Natasha who is getting baptised, Natasha the ribiata artist, and her friend Julia (ee-you-lia) so that was fun. ok So now a few funny things. first happened while we were tracting. it was my turn and I rang this door and the bell button got stuck. with alot of doors that wouldnt really matter cause all it does is activate a single tone and then stops but just my luck this door had like a real bell attached to it. (like the ones that they have in old high schools or in some church buildings) So it was just ringing super loud AND somebody actually answered the door so after trying to yell a first lesson over the sound of the bell (and getting an angry babooshka to slam the door in my face) I finally pulled out my knife on my keys and unjammed the bell but by this point it had been ringing for over 5 mins and like neibourghs (ok cant spell deal with it) had started coming out wondering what was going on and why the bell wouldnt stop. so after I unjammed it we just decided we needed to move onto another padezd (stair case)alright so the other funny thing. our new member Christina has a calling. She is the second councilor in the Young womens. normally that wouldnt be funny but we dont have any young women who attend. so her the president and the first councilor just sit and teach eachother during 3 hour. cool young womens huh? haha but what ever at least all of them attend for 3 hours thats amazing in and of it self. ok one more funny thing I almost forgot. So on friday our branch had "culture night" (or lack there of) and so we went to the Kharkov Philharmonic building for a vocal showcase put on by the instructors at the school there...umm was HORRIBLE! Haha not only were there no real instroments (it was all recordings) but the people that sang were terrible especially when they sang in english (which they did 3 times) they sang "Memory" from Cats and "Hello Dolly" (and if you cant figure out what thats from just ring your little bell and tommy will come back and hit you in the head with a tack hammer cause you are a MORON) so that was really akward. all the branch members came up after and were like "did you like it?" so of course we had to lie through our teeth and say it was wonderful...haha SOO akward but yea that was about all that happened this week.I hope you all are enjoying your self. Once again I am super jealous of you all who are going out to steves wedding! I miss you all and am sure you'll have a wonderful week.

Ct Ctat.

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