Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hello World (7/18/07)

July 18, 2007

Well first off thanks to you all for writing me it made this week much better :-D so first off I congratulate you all on the wedding and I hope you are all now having good sessions with your psychiatrists to de-stress yourselves haha. As much as it was nice to know I didnt have to work my self to death there doing wedding stuff don't worry I have been killing myself here to get stuff done.So on Sat we had a baptism, our investigator Natasha got baptized (now remember this is the old Natasha, the other two Natashas moved back home for the next few months) So after doing some shuffling we got everything worked out for that and the baptism went great. She had brother Leanide (yea dont know how to spell that in english лианид if any of you know russian) baptize her, She lives with his mother and it was them who originally introduced her to the church so that was really cool to see and its better for her because then the person who baptized her will always be there for her. Unlike me and E. Cox who will soon be gone. So that went really well.well this week is actually E. Cox's last week in Ukraine. exactly a week from today he will be in the Idaho falls airport so this week has been a little interesting. We're still doing missionary work but Cox is a lil trunky so he just acts really weird haha. But we are still meeting our goals for lessons taught and so forth so s'all good. On Saturday (Суббота for that russian scholar out there) Elder Cox is gunna have a Piano concert at the church as his farewell festivities so we've been going to the church to practice for that quite a bit and yesterday after doing that and meeting with one of our converts (Christina) we headed out to Natasha's (our other convert) to give her a new member lesson and when we got there she had brought her daughter to meet with us (she has been a member for TWO DAYS and she brought her daughter...AMAZING!) her daughter is in her late 20s early 30s and has two beautiful daughters of her own who are 7 and 4 (well will be 4 in august). So instead of teaching just about families and eternal marriage like we had planned we taught a first lesson (Apostasy restoration and Book of Mormon) but taught it from a little bit of a different angle and talked alot about how because of the restoration families can be eternal. that really hit home with them because just a year ago (almost exactly...about a year and week) Natasha's husband died. So it was a really good lesson and I'm sure we'll be able to meet with both of them again since Natasha is our newest member! so that was cool.

Now...time to check if there is anything I need to respond to from letters. Oh Kels you asked in your last letter if I could send these directly to you. well obviously I did this time but also I had been sending them to Kev. If he hasnt been getting them let me know so I can fix the address and if he has been getting them and not showing them to you kick him in the face. (but not till after you finish getting unpacked because you prolly need his help...actually you should prolly at least hold out till your not wobbling around any more but as soon as you get an opportunity). Mom it was deff nice to hear from you again and pretty please let me know if you figure out when you are going to move, and if you need to hold off for a while and stay and take care of lauren for me by all means feel free ;-) But I do need to tell the mission office when you are moving and stuff so yea that would be cool. And for all you who get to spend time with my cute neices and nephew news about them is always valued :-D umm ok is there anything I forgot. Umm Missions are good you should all go. Trials are miserable but they're worth it. Families are amazing and teaching about them every day can make people trunky haha. umm I think thats about it. As far as my knee it hurts and I'm gunna talk to president about it later when I get a chance k? haha. ok later all

Ct. Ctat (and if you havent figured out why I do that yet старейшина стат would be whats on my tag)

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