Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And the World Turns (7/25/07)

Alright so this week has been interesting but not all that exciting. Elder cox left for the states today (he left harkov for donnetsk on monday) so he is now LONG gone. I have spent the last three days getting bounced around between missionaries depending on who had time for me which is getting pretty old pretty quick. I'll get my new comp friday even tho I have seen him almost every day this week haha. umm his name is Elder Davis and he is my 3rd comp in a row who is from idaho (including elder burrup my MTC comp) so I guess its either my blessing or my curse.

haha so unfortunately I really have very little to write about this week just cause I didnt really do much except go to church meet with member families and watch Cox pack his bags. well I guess the one exciting thing was I was sick this week haha. I got sick on sunday and am still feeling some of the ill effects but the biggest problems are gone. today we went to the GIANT market in center. they have alot of crazy stuff there. all I bought today was a CCCP (USSR) belt but there are a few things I will go back and buy at some point. yea I've decided on P days not to carry very much of my personal money just cause if you have it you might do something silly like spend it. but if I go with very little I get the small things I want and then if I REALLY want some thing I have to go back a week later and get it. and if I actually put that much effort into it it means I REALLY want it. So at some point I'll go back and buy the CCCP zip jacket cause its flipping sweet haha.So I'm sorry for anybody who was expecting an uplifting and amazing spiritual renewal from this letter but it just wasnt in the cards for this week thanks to transfers and Cox leaving. But next week I'm trying to work a few things out so we can visit some promising people we'll see if it works I'll let you know next week. lol ugh this week has just killed me haha but next week should be a lil more consistent and hopefuly I can actually get some work done! but anyway thats fun to hear that caitlin is getting crazy big and all mobile and stuff! and also good to hear that Manthers has a place to channel her energy too haha. I miss you all and hopefuly next week when I am feeling better and have some more actual missionary work to write about my letter will be more exciting haha.

take care!

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