Sunday, July 22, 2007

Me Again (7/11/07)

July 11, 2007

Alright so to be totally honest I dont know what to write about this week haha...I was hoping for some cannon fotter (sp?) from ya'll to respond to haha but I didnt get much so this might be kinda short and boring sorry. So my comp is going home in two weeks so he's pretty much all trunked out haha. So real like hard core missionary work isnt really all that previlent right now. We do ALOT of member lessons and we have some fun meeting with some of our more interesting investigators but we haven't done much tracting or contacting (so yea when my next comp gets here we are gunna have alot of work to do). We had most of our investigator pool dry up on us this week cause we had the students all move home (back to either Russia or Lugansk (south of kharkov)) and we had every body else tell us they didnt want to meet with us any more except of course our Investigator Natasha (who no longer needs designation since she's the only natasha we have left) who is still on track to get baptized this weekend. So pretty much the next three days are gunna be alot of preparations for that. I did go on a split last fri that was fun. I was out in Novie doma (yea dont know how to spell that in english) but the fun thing was I got to teach english while I was out there. I really enjoyed the students out there and we just had alot of fun. It was kinda funny after class tho cause the students came up to me and asked if I was gunna be there next week :-/ haha So I told them I teach in Center Kharkov and told them I could come but they all told me I should just come out and teach there haha it was funny. but yea my week is really not that interesting sorry :-/. I should have a baptism to write about next week so that should be cool but umm...yea it would deff help if I had stuff to respond from my family...theres now 11 adults in that family if all of you write me 10 words thats 110 words which would be about the same number I got all this week from my family (dad would be the only one) I know from Lauren (who does write me) that the wedding was uber stressful and alot was very last minuet...I get that. But hey I'm a missionary and somehow, amazingly, I find some time to write so just a thought. I'd love to hear from ya'll

Ct. Ctat

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