Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wahoo I'm Popular!

June 13, 2007

Alright so first off (to the bore of all of you who are not my family)some admin stuff first! Ok so I FINALLY rememberd to get those numbersand addresses if you ever send me stuff. So the first one is called"Roxolana" and is at 300 Parker ave. Maplewood NJ 07040 and their numberis 973 763 8778. The second one is "Lviv Express" they're at 1111Elizabeth Ave. Linden NJ 07036 and the numbers is 908 925 0717 so itsays on the little paper I got you just have to call them and they willsend you the info you need to send stuff out. Also if you do send stuffis HAS to be valued (on the shipping label) for under $90 (and actuallywould be better if it was around $50) otherwise the Mission has to payduty on it and will just send the package home (yea NOT cool!) so if youdo decide to send stuff, btw, I had a black and blue Underarmor hat backhome that would be sweet but I dont need it so if you ever send stuffjust throw it in. alright thats all of the boring stuff now for thisweek.So first off last P day! we went to the Ukraine v. Armenia medalisttournament soccer match (under 21 leauge). pretty much it was redic!haha it was so much fun. bunch of crazy Ukrainians chearing on theirteam and 30 americans chearing too cause we think we're adopted. but itwas way fun I took alot of pics but I forgot my camera today so I'llpost them next week when I get a chance. But it was a way fun game wewon 4-0 and we stood in the stadium dancing with the Ukrainians till thecops made us leave.Thursday and I went on a split with my zone leader elder call and wewent a visited some of our investigators (our ribbiata) and we aretrying to get them to really feel how important our message is and howimportant it is they act on it so we taught them a really good lessonpretty much re-doing the first lesson. but the next part is what wasfun! we did contacting (which up till now I havent done just cause mycomp has never liked it or been good at it) So we played some gamesaying things that the other person had to do on the next contact andstuff so it was alot of fun! friday we had another split cause my compsold companion was leaving for the US on sunday so we split and I spendthe day with frioux (ok I'm so getting my week all confused in my headbut thats cool) so now that I have bored you all here is some fun stuff.1) since I've been here (and I keep forgetting to tell you) I have beenthe ward choirester cause nobody in our entire branch knows how to leadmusic. so I am leading but I'm also trying to find somebody to teach todo it for when I leave. but yea its kinda funny cause now I lead foreverything...sacrement, priesthood, baptisims, they would prolly make medo it in relief society if they could find a dress to fit me....but yeaso thats been interesting. also today we had a real good american picnicwith the missionaries. shishcabobs (sp?) and pineapple and all types ofgood stuff so that was REALLY fun and I will also put pics of that upwhen I get a chance.Now to dad your question about my knee...does it hurt? yes...everydayhaha but I am surviving and I'm not letting it slow me down. Me and mycomp always have more lessons than the average in the mission and weusually have more progressing investigators than most our mission so wework really hard and we go home beat almost every day (except sundayscause we get to sit and do nothing for 3 hours YAY!) but yea, it doeshurt and I hate that it does but I cant really change it so I just work.Now the reason for the subject of the e-mail is I've heard I am gettingpretty good distribution on the letters I send home which is pretty dangcool. So just for a sec (and in connection with what I just said) I wantto write a lil to anybody who is getting this who is preparing for amission. The truth is almost every missionary at some point becomes ahumble missionary. The difference is this humility comes in differentways for all of us. some missionaries are naturally that way, they workhard and are obident not cuase they expect something or want glory butbecuase they know they should. Others come into missionary work thinkingthey know how to do it best, they too become humbled, but its alot moredifficult. I Dont know who's getting this and I dont know where you areserving but you will have things that are difficult. but thosedifficulties will be alot easeir to bear if you are humble and arewilling to ask that those burdens be borne by somebody who already hastaken them upon himself. It might be you serve some where with adifficult language, its hard, and frustraiting to not understand whatsgoing on. but be humble. you might not have understood the rigors ofmissionary work, its the second word that often gets over looked,"work". but be humble. You might be very good with gospel knowledge andteaching, you can learn more. be humble. When you become and instromentthat can be used for good instead of trying to be the master craftsmanis when you really do the work you are being sent for. good luck to youall.Thats it for me this week. I hope everything is well for all of you whoare getting this. I hope to hear from alot of you next week.

Ct Ctat.

p.s. I have two more e-mails you should add to the list and thanks :-D

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LISA said...

I have a missionary in the Ukariane and would like to send a package. Tell me about Roxolana. My son got there last week. The last package I sent was $73.00.
Lisa 435-674-6065