Sunday, July 22, 2007

I'm Here!

May 10, 2007

Ok so I just made a horribly stupid mistake pushing the wrong button adeleting the whole email I had writen so we're gunna try this one moretime. first off rules as far as e-mail anyone can e-mail but I willprolly only want to give my address out to a few people just cause Imight not always have alot of time. So the people I would always like tohear from by email: all the imidiate family and inlaws (I hope you haveall their addresses), Lauren (, Stake Pres(, and bishop. so those people are free to have myaddress others can get the email but just make sure my address isconviently missing (they can also feel free to send pouch or what ev).as far as pouch mail goes I get it about once a month (if there isnothing after a month I will be REALLY disapointed;-) and I can sendstuff pouch once a month but I can also send stuff UA post every day butit just takes two weeks for it to get there so I'll prolly do a combo far as being here so far its been good. tuse I got here and after afew tense moments my pres showed up with the APs. haha ok so funnything...when you land on your lil RJ at the Donnestk airport as soon asyou get your speed down this little yellow car pulls in front of theplane with a sign attached to the top of the car that says "follow me!"haha I thought that was pretty funny. but yea met the pres went to themission office and got a getto orientation ( I say getto cause usuallythey take two days and feed you 4 times, I got 2 hours and left oversfrom the ZLs conference) and they told me I'd be going to kharkiv (orharkiv...its about halfway inbetween as far as pronuciation goes...justsay it with a russian accent!) so the next day I took a 8 hour trainride up to Kharkiv and met my comp elder cox whos got about 2 1/2monthes left and is still a great missionary. we should have a good timehere. Kharkiv is beaituful its a university town so its really nicelooking alot better than the industry of Donnetsk.So the random interesting things so far 1) the toilet paper is glorifiedcrate paper they forgot to color 2) everything is in a bag. milk, mayo,jam, all in a bag 3) wednesday was Victory day (or VE day for usamericans) so it was pretty much their veterans day so we saw lots ofold drunk guys in military uniform haha I'll tell you more when I callyou on sunday. which I will now set up haha. I need you to call me(cause we cant call out of country) and I need you to do it at 230 yourtime (930 mine if you are curious) ok so the code for UA is 380 forkharkiv is 572 and our number at the apt is 703 2961so it should be 011380 57(2) 703 2961 (try it first without the two then try it with...Idont know which one works :-/) if you can find out more info on callingto Ukraine thats why I gave all the info I did...I dont know if there isa website that might help or what but if you have my local number andknow I'm in kharkiv Ukraine you should be able to get me some how :-/ okso also the mission address if you feel like sending packages or whatev: Donnetsk Ukraine mission/ prospekt bogdana kmelniniskogo 67a/ 83087Ukraine Donnetsk... the missionaries here told me about a service thatalways gets the packages here with no problem they said its based outajersey so maybe it will help its called Roxlana (or something like that)if you can find another safe way to send stuff use what ever (cause Icant find anything about that company online) maybe you could ask kelsso see what she can find out in her neck of the woods anyway. I thinkthats about it here :-D hope all is weel there I hope I get to hear fromyou (and you can figure out how to get through :-/) haha if I dont hearfrom you after like 30 mins or so I'll call pres and see if I can getthings working haha anyway that should be all. Send my love to one andall! haha we're off to go tracting (oh joy!) so I'll have pleanty totell you on sunday haha. till then take care of everybody for me (justso we're clear that means everybody that gets this has to take care ofeverybody else!) once again I'll write again when I can (prolly weds)till then!

Elder Stott III

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